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You can move the floating dock around the screen for easy one-hand use. Benötigst du Hilfe Antworten Anleitungen Support. Page Appendix Obtaining help Read the Quick Start Guide included with your phone. Viewing notifications on the lock screen New notifications such as missed calls and messages are displayed on the lock screen. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. Page Installing Applications Installing Applications Sharing applications using a microSD card Save installation packages to a microSD card to share them with other phones. Touch and hold the group you want to delete, then touch Delete. Page Setting Your Sim Card Pin Settings Drag the floating dock to the desired location. Forum Herstellerforen Honor Forum Honor 8 Forum JavaScript ist deaktiviert. Touch Audio note. Gespart hat Honor ebenfalls bei der Dual-SIM-Funktion. Page Panoramic Shots Camera and Gallery Use a tripod to minimise camera shake and hold your phone in place. Page Using Voice Wakeup Tips and Tricks Touch Speech command language to change the voice command language. Page Pro Camera Mode Camera and Gallery Use a tripod to minimise camera shake. Such software shall not be reproduced, distributed, modified, decompiled, Sprache wählen Deutsch Bedienungsanleitung Englisch Bedienungsanleitung Französisch Bedienungsanleitung Spanisch Bedienungsanleitung Anzeigen. Page Changing The Wallpaper Getting Started Changing the wallpaper Set your favourite images or photos as your phone's wallpaper. Charge your battery for at least 10 minutes using a genuine Huawei charger and then turn on your phone. Nachteile lange Ladezeiten. Page Adding Watermarks To Photos Camera and Gallery Adding watermarks to photos Add watermarks to personalise your photos and help you remember where they were taken. Configuring the TalkBack settings TalkBack settings can be customised to suit your individual needs. Use the 3 x 3 grid for general shooting scenarios. Contrast ratio: nominal3.

Page Turning Your Phone On And Off If your phone does not respond when you press the power button, this indicates that the battery is empty. Page Restoring Factory Settings Backup and Restore If the backup data is encrypted, enter the encryption password when prompted. Open Settings, then turn on the Aeroplane mode switch. However, larger resolution images take up more space on your phone. The product described in this document may include software that is the copyright of Huawei or its licensors.

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When you receive a voicemail message, the icon is displayed in the status bar. Page Managing Vip Contacts Messaging and Email Managing VIP contacts Add important contacts to your VIP list. The battery is built into the phone and is not removable. Page Changing The Theme Getting Started Touch Others to open the application list and view or open applications. Do not use your phone before it has finished updating. Page Creating Folders File Management Creating folders Create folders and place files inside them to keep your phone organised. Page Personalising Your Phone Getting Started Viewing recently used applications Touch Recent to display the list of recently used applications. Touch when the subject starts to draw a pattern using the source of light. Your phone will automatically call the contact. Immer auf den Laufenden bleiben: Tech News und Meldungen direkt auf das Handy oder in den Sozialen Netzwerken: Appdated Telegramm Channel Appdated bei Facebook Appdated bei Twitter. Page Video Settings Camera and Gallery You can choose from a 3 x 3 grid, phi grid or spiral overlay. Honor 8 Hülle, Canwn Durchsichtig Silikon Schutzhülle Huawei Honor 8 Transparent Handyhülle Crystal Clear TPU Case. Open Files. Touch Widgets and select a widget. Touch to reject the call. Schönes diamantgeschliffenes 2. Using voice wakeup Open Settings. Not all camera modes support this feature. You are now being redirected to purchase your product. This includes adding or deleting default information such as phone numbers or email addresses. See Configuring Perfect Selfie if you are enabling this mode for the first time. Stelle deine Frage und erhalte kostenlosen Support. Turn on the Voice wakeup switch and follow the onscreen instructions to enter your voice wakeup commands.

Drag it around the area you want to capture and then return to the starting point. Photos and videos saved from messages, emails or websites, as well as screenshots. Sign In OR. The frame rate is determined automatically by your camera and cannot be adjusted. The search results will be displayed underneath the search bar. Page Camera and Gallery Swipe left to view more editing tools Rotate an image: Touch and swipe the screen to adjust the angle of rotation. Touch Audio note.

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Page Viewing Photos And Videos Camera and Gallery Viewing photos and videos You can view the following photos and videos in Gallery: Photos and videos shot with the camera. Page Transferring Data Between Your Phone And A Computer This feature only applies to phones that support USB OTG cables. Once connected, your phone will automatically import contacts from the other Bluetooth device. For more information about sharing, see Sharing images or videos. Page Accessing The Internet Accessing the Internet Connecting to the Internet using mobile data Data charges may apply when using mobile data to access the Internet. Your phone will return to the mirror once the image has been saved. Page Turning On Pocket Mode Calls and Contacts Touch to add the number to an existing contact. Page 88 Camera and Gallery Select a suitable location and hold your phone steady. Touch Groups and then Enter the group name for example Family or Friends and touch OK. Searching for settings Use the search feature in Settings to search for menu options. Each phone Page Camera And Gallery Camera and Gallery Accessing the viewfinder Open Camera to access the viewfinder. Steady red when charging : The battery level is critically low. By default, your phone will only display lock screen notifications for certain applications. Open Settings and select Display. The exposure time is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Page Beauty Mode Camera and Gallery Swipe right on the viewfinder to change the capture mode. Turn on the Auto update switch and configure your Update interval. Cleaning up your phone Open Phone Manager. If you want to enable lock screen notifications for more applications, see Managing notification permissions. Swipe letters to input words Backspace Enter a space Enter numbers and symbols Input method settings Toggle between upper and lower case Huawei Swype input supports a wide range of languages. This includes adding or deleting default information such as phone numbers or email addresses. Sofern verfügbar findest du darin eine ausführliche Erklärung wie du das Smartphone bedienen oder auch pflegen kannst. When you hear the alert sound, say the name of the contact you want to call.

Nur Titel durchsuchen. Page Charging Your Phone You can recharge your battery many times, but all batteries have a limited lifespan. Android input method No dedicated memory card slot? Page Using Your Device As A Remote Control Tools Save an image: Touch the screen and select to save the image to Gallery.

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The battery is built into the phone and is not removable. Your phone will search your contacts and call log and list the results above the dialler. Steady yellow when charging : The battery level is medium. Your phone will remember Wi-Fi networks that you have used before and reconnect to them automatically. You will receive a confirmation email shortly to verify and activate your subscription with Huawei Device USA, Inc. Page Accessing the Internet Using USB tethering to share mobile Internet with a computer Use a USB cable to share your phone's mobile Internet with a computer. Page Gestures And Navigation Settings Settings Removing the screen lock password Open Settings. If you have also enabled Vibrate in silent mode, your phone will vibrate to alert you of incoming calls and messages. Page Viewing Contacts From Different Accounts Calls and Contacts For more complete search results, ensure that Contacts is configured to display all of your contacts. Send Amy huawei. Damit stellen Sie sich ein Angebot nach Ihren Wünschen zusammen und erhalten den günstigsten Preis. When you hear the alert sound, say the name of the contact you want to call. Der verbaute Kirin Prozessor ist zwar nicht mehr der schnellste Prozessor aus dem Bereich, bietet aber nach wie vor gute Leistungen. Page Slow Motion Recording Camera and Gallery Touch the thumbnail to play the recording. Lieferumfang: Smartphone, Ladegerät, Ladekabel, Schnellanleitung. Page Answering A Third-Party Call Calls and Contacts Start a three-way call: Please contact your carrier to find out how to use this feature. Im CHIP-Testcenter prüfen wir jährlich viele Dutzend Smartphones in einem aufwändigen Testverfahren. For more information about sharing, see Sharing images or videos. Zum Hilfecenter. Vmall is our official retailer. Your email format is incorrect. You can select matrix metering, centre-weighted metering or spot metering. Vorteile Top-Performance gute Verarbeitung Dual-SIM-Funktion, erweiterbarer Speicher Quick-Charge. Touch to return to the home screen.

Du möchtest lieber eine Bedienungsanleitung in form eines Buches? Um antworten zu können musst du eingeloggt sein. Swipe right on the screen and touch Beauty. You can move the floating dock around the screen for easy one-hand use. Set the camera to take a photo when the ambient noise reaches a certain decibel level.

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Touch to display the list of recently used applications. Page Updating The Weather Tools Viewing weather information Open Weather. Swipe down from the left of the status bar to open to the notifications tab, or swipe down from the right of the status bar to open the shortcuts tab. Perform a backup before formatting your microSD card to prevent losing important data. Empfehlung Android-Smartphone: Die verständliche Anleitung für alle Geräte Von Rainer Hattenhauer. If your phone has dual SIM support, touch Additional settings under SIM 1 or SIM 2. Klicke auf Suchen, um weitere Ergebnisse zu erhalten Touch Exit to disable the Ultra power plan and restore the original settings. Detect this device Use QR code scanner. Viewing notifications on the lock screen New notifications such as missed calls and messages are displayed on the lock screen. Open Files. Insgesamt löst die Knipse mit maximal 12 Megapixeln aus, für Aufnahmen im Dunkeln steht noch ein Dual-LED-Blitz zur Verfügung. Honor 8 - user opinions and reviews I. Avoid pointing the camera at car headlights to prevent parts of the image from becoming overexposed. Open Email. Battery management Phone Manager comes with a battery management feature to help you save power and prevent you from missing important calls and messages. Restore password. Honor 8 lässt sich nicht mehr starten, Ladekabel wird nicht erkannt, USB Konfiguration falsch. Die Schnellstartanleitung des 8 von Honor zeigt dir meistens nur die Einrichtung an. Page Sharing Your Mobile Internet With Other Devices Accessing the Internet Touch WPS PIN connection to generate a PIN, then enter this PIN on the Wi-Fi router. Touch to add contacts or applications to the home screen. While timing, touch to count laps. Page Notepad Tools Swipe left or right to find the city whose weather you want to update.

Touch to lock the screen. Zu einem Handy braucht jeder Nutzer einen zu ihm passenden Mobilfunk-Vertrag oder Prepaid-Tarif. Du benötigst Hilfe zum Honor 8? Your camera will remain focused on the subject. Dazu gibt es 4GB RAM, 32GB Arbeitsspeicher, einen Akku mit 3. Page Legal Notice Huawei Technologies Co.