Restore password. You can also drag an icon from another area of the screen to the shortcut position. Smart telefon. Swipe letters to input words Backspace Enter a space Enter numbers and symbols Input method settings Toggle between upper and lower case Huawei Swype input supports a wide range of languages. Mute an alarm: Press the volume down button. Men trots att miljontals gamla mobiltelefoner skräpar i svenska hem är det bara Huawei: Honor 8 Sony: Xperia X Compact F kr: Huawei: Honor 8: kr: Huawei: Mate 10 Lite: Charge your battery for at least 10 minutes using a genuine Huawei charger and then turn on your phone. Page Calendar Tools Calendar Calendar helps you to plan your daily schedule. Summary of Contents for Huawei Honor Page 1 Welcome to Huawei HUAWEI U Quick Start Guide Snabb leverans och gratis frakt. Page 31 Getting Started Creating a folder Create home screen folders to organise your applications by type. Page 24 Web site regularly for up-to-date information. Recording will stop automatically when you make or receive a call. Avoid pointing the camera at car headlights to prevent parts of the image from becoming overexposed. Popular Products. How Do I Set a Song As a Phone Ringtone? Page 8: Viewing Other Parts Of The Home Screen Touch and hold a shortcut until the mobile phone vibrates, you can then drag it to your desired location or move it to the trash. Betala med faktura, kort eller direktbank. Skärm: Gränssnitt och funktioner: Användarupplevelse: Kamera: Batteritid: Lagringsutrymme: Byggkvalitet: Design: Medelbetyg: 8. Page Status And Notification Icons Getting Started Status and notification icons Status icons Status icons are displayed on the right-hand side of the status bar.

Stopwatch Open Clock. Touch to reject the call. REVIEW Huawei Honor 8. Touch Select the recording file you wish to play or touch the play button next to the file name. Keep your knuckle on the screen. View weather for other cities: Swipe left or right on the screen to view the weather forecast for other cities.

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Huawei Honor Page Home Screen Getting Started Synchronising data Synchronisation failed Login or synchronisation problem More notifications Portable Wi-Fi hotspot enabled Connected to a VPN USB tethering enabled Receiving location data from GPS Home screen Getting to know your home screen Your home screens are where you can find your favourite widgets and all your applications. Page 2: Table Of Contents Contents Exciting New Features 2-in-1 fingerprint sensor Wide aperture photos Pro camera mode Scrolling screenshots Screen recorder Unboxing your Phone Getting to know your phone Inserting a SIM card and microSD card Charging your phone Turning your phone on and off Transferring Data Using the Backup application to transfer data Transferring data between your phone and a computer For example, flip your phone to mute ringtones or hold it to your ear to answer calls or dial a number. Check that both devices support Wi-Fi Direct. Page 16 Transferring Data By default, backup data is saved to the HuaweiBackup folder in Files. Rejecting an Incoming Call Drag to the left to reject the call. You can also drag up the bar at the bottom of the screen to reject a call and send the caller a message. Touch to configure a callback reminder. For more information, see Beauty mode. Touch the button to compose a reply. If you have saved your contacts' birthdays, Calendar will automatically create birthday reminders. Page Blocking Spam Messages Messaging and Email not be affected. Alarm clock,Calculator,Calendar,Countdown timer,Events reminder,File manager,Notes,Recorder,Stopwatch. Cell Phone Huawei HONOR 7 Quick Start Manual 17 pages. Enable Android Beam on the other phone if required. Susanne, Inga kommentarer 0. Page Mirror Tools Playing a recording Open Recorder. Page Settings Settings Enabling location access Enable location-based services to ensure that map, navigation and weather applications can access your location information. Page Status And Notification Icons Getting Started Status and notification icons Status icons Status icons are displayed on the right-hand side of the status bar. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. Page Configuring Your Fingerprint Id First Use and Initial Setup Disable mobile data when not required in order to save battery power and reduce data usage. Page Changing The Screen Unlock Method Settings Silent mode: Once enabled, your phone will not ring when you receive an incoming call or message, but the screen will still turn on. You can also touch to open your contact list and choose a contact or contact group. Page Huawei.

To the greatest extent permitted by applicable law, it is explicitly stated that Huawei shall not compensate or be liable for services provided by third-party service providers, or the interruption or termination of third-party contents or services. Yrityksen pääkonttori sijaitsee Etelä-Kiinan Shenzhenissä, Longgangin piirissä Guangdongin maakunnassa. Steady yellow when charging : The battery level is medium. If your phone has dual SIM support, touch Auto redial Use auto redial to keep redialling a contact's number until your call is connected. Page 9: Scrolling Screenshots Exciting New Features Scrolling screenshots Scrolling screenshots enables you to take screenshots longer than one screen.

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Touch Power usage details to view detailed battery usage statistics. Battery management Phone Manager comes with a battery management feature to help you save power and prevent you from missing important calls and messages. Open Contacts. Open Messaging. Page Transferring Data Between Your Phone And A Computer Transferring Data Transferring data between your phone and a computer Transfer the data on your old phone to your computer, then transfer it to your new phone. HUAWEI Honor 10 Lite CN Version 6. Hur avslutar man ett samtal? Installation Caution Din HUAWEI MediaPad stöder endast mikro-SIM-kort av standardtyp. Quick Start Guide 2. HUAWEI Y9 Prime Close an application: Swipe up on a thumbnail to close the corresponding application. Techsloth 82, views. Purchase a Huawei-approved Micro USB to USB-C adapter, or use an OTG cable with a USB-C connector. Gestures and navigation settings Use simple gestures to control your phone. Är du ute efter Huawei originalfodral eller originalskal till P20 Pro har vi även det. Page Choosing An Input Method Choosing an Input Method Touch and hold a text field until the Edit text menu is displayed. Cleaning up your phone Open Phone Manager. Page 8: Pro Camera Mode Exciting New Features Touch the subject of the photo to adjust the focal point. On the home screen, drag an icon on top of another icon to create a folder containing both applications. Page Mirror Tools Playing a recording Open Recorder. Each phone Touch to save the photo.

For more information, see Copying, moving or deleting files. Page 29 Getting Started Organising applications and widgets on the home screen Adding a widget to the home screen Add frequently used widgets to the home screen for quick access. Announced Jun Page Transferring Data Using Bluetooth Accessing the Internet Establish a Bluetooth connection between two devices and check that they are paired. Africa Asia Pacific Europe Latin America Middle East North America Global. Sign up!

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Page 30 Getting Started Deleting a widget or icon On the home screen, touch and hold the application icon or widget you want to delete until is displayed at the top of the screen. Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and then turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot switch. Men trots att miljontals gamla mobiltelefoner skräpar i svenska hem är det bara Huawei: Honor 8 Sony: Xperia X Compact F kr: Huawei: Honor 8: kr: Huawei: Mate 10 Lite: HUAWEI WATCH GT 2. When shooting the image, stay away from sources of light and avoid excessive exposure times to prevent parts of the image from becoming overexposed. Turn on the Bluetooth scanning switch. Touch Wallpaper, then touch Lock screen wallpaper or Home screen wallpaper. Touch to configure a callback reminder. The system will automatically connect to the server and check the server settings. Shoot from a distance for the best results. Yrityksen pääkonttori sijaitsee Etelä-Kiinan Shenzhenissä, Longgangin piirissä Guangdongin maakunnassa. Honor 8 Android smartphone. Touch to save the photo. Page Accessing the Internet Using USB tethering to share mobile Internet with a computer Use a USB cable to share your phone's mobile Internet with a computer. The first time a call does not connect or is interrupted, your phone will display the single redial screen. Slowly move your camera from left to right, ensuring that the arrow stays level with the centre line. Page Using Your Device As A Remote Control Tools Save an image: Touch the screen and select to save the image to Gallery. Recording will stop automatically when you make or receive a call. Quick Links Download this manual See also: User Manual. Page Accessing Applications Getting Started Accessing App Lock with your fingerprint Use your fingerprint to access locked applications. Swipe up on the timer in the middle of the screen to view your lap data. Page 23 Caution Changes or modifications made to this device not expressly approved by Huawei Technologies Co.

Announced Jul Köp mobilreservdelar här. All statements, informa- tion, and recommendations in this guide do not constitute a warranty of any kind, express or implied. Product Quick Service Support Homepage Contact us. Press and hold the power button, then touch Aeroplane mode. Each phone

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Before using mobile data, ensure that you have a data plan with your carrier. Your phone has a fingerprint sensor. Page Music And Video Music and Video Adding songs to your phone Before you can listen to your music, you need to copy your songs onto your phone. Photos and videos synced from your computer. Sören P, Inga kommentarer 0. Setting a song as the ringtone Set your favourite song as the call, notification or alarm ringtone. Open the notification bar, and then touch USB connected. For more information, see Enabling Bluetooth and pairing your phone with another device. Honor 8 har med andra ord nästan exakt samma skärm som Huawei P9. Your phone will automatically call the contact. Page Appendix Obtaining help Read the Quick Start Guide included with your phone. Touch Copy. When you hear the alert sound, say the name of the contact you want to call. Techsloth 82, views. You can also use Bluetooth to share and import contacts. Ennakkomyynti on alkanut, joten tutustu ja ost Hos Telefonshoppen hittar du Rea till Sveriges bästa priser. Find out more. Page Setting Up An Account Settings Setting up an account Adding an account Many applications and online services require you to create an account in order to access the full range of features. HUAWEI Honor 10 Lite CN Version 6. Honor 8 Android smartphone.

Page Light Painting Mode Camera and Gallery : Touch to set the metering mode the way in which your camera determines the exposure. View and Download Huawei Honor quick start manual online. Snooze for 10 minutes: Press the power button. You can clean the device and the charger with a piece of damp and soft antistatic cloth. Volume down button: Press once to decrease the volume, or twice to change the playback mode. Status icons display information about your phone's status, such as network connection information, signal strength, battery level and time. Downloaded third-party applications should be scanned for viruses.