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Touch Wi-Fi to enable the Wi-Fi. Mitt SIM-kort är för litet och passar inte i min Huawei telefon. Aceste Prin prezenta, Huawei Technologies Co. Page 75 Seade vastab raadiolainete kiirgustasemele seatud nõuetele. Upload from URL. Page Phone Settings Phone settings Phone settings Turning on location services Before you use a map or navigation application, make sure you have turned on location services. Touch to add an image. Page 46 Ilmoitus altistumisen rajoja. Edit the contact information. Page 18 Statement This device meets guidelines for exposure to radio waves. Page Managing Contacts Calls and contacts On the home screen, touch Dialer. Page Using The Call Log Calls and contacts Using the call log Records of all outgoing, incoming, and missed calls are stored in your call log. Page Making International Call Calls and contacts Making an international call On the home screen, touch Dialer. Online update may incur excessive data usage fees. Other trademarks, product, service and company names mentioned may be the property of their respective owners. Then drag to select more or less text, or touch Select all to select all text in the text box. Touch New note and enter your note's content. Christina Rönnholm, Enter the phone number to which you want to forward calls, and touch Enable. Weitere FAQs durchsuchen.

Gun Andersson, 2 kommentarer Upload from disk. You can also touch a point on the screen to focus the camera on it. Page Searching For A Contact Calls and contacts Touch and hold the contact you want to edit, and then touch Edit. Page 7: For More Information No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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Telefoni sisse ja välja lülitamiseks hoidke toitenuppu allavajutatuna. Touch the video you want to play. Go to Gallery, and select a photo that was taken in all-focus mode. Touch View details to view details. Touch You can also touch and hold the number you want to add, and touch Create new contact Alle Hersteller von Herzschrittmachern empfehlen, einen Mindestabstand von Rechte vorbehalten. Your phone will automatically determine a focus point. Note Adding a note On the home screen, touch Notepad. Flick down from the status bar to open the notification panel. Page Forwarding A Message Messaging and email Messaging and email Sending a text message On the home screen, touch Messaging. For example, touch and hold a blank area on the home screen to enter editing mode. Figyelem: A Huawei Technologies Co. See also: User Manual. Print page 1 Print document pages. Under All, touch Display. Under Dialer, touch beside the number you want to add. Restore password. Turning airplane mode on or off Your phone's signal reception or transmission may interfere with an airplane's flight system. Quick Links Download this manual See also: User Manual. Page 2 DTS, Inc. Page Deutsch Deutsch Ihr Telefon auf einen Blick Werfen wir einen Blick auf Ihr neues Telefon, bevor Sie beginnen. Related Manuals for Huawei P8 lite Cell Phone Huawei P8 Quick Start Manual pages.

Touch Location mode. Page Accessing Applications Getting started Touch to delete all notifications. Page 72 Alustamine Telefoni seadistamiseks järgige juhiseid alltoodud joonistel. Page 47 Tuotteessa on seuraava merkintä: Sertifiointitiedot SAR-arvo Tämä laite on myös suunniteltu täyttämään Federal Communications Commissionin Yhdysvaltain telehallintoviraston radioaaltoaltistusta koskevat vaatimukset. After the screen is locked, you will not be able to perform any operations on the video playing interface. Ole varovainen käyttäessäsi SIM-kortin poistopuikkoa, jotta et loukkaa sormiasi tai vaurioita puhelintasi.

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Disse produktene skal ikke avhendes som usortert kommunalt avfall. Olge SIM-kaardi väljutamise tarviku kasutamisel ettevaatlik, et vältida sõrmede või telefoni vigastamist. To unpair the two devices, touch next to the paired device, and touch Unpair. Touch the email you want to read. Page Sending Messages Or Emails To A Contact Group Calls and contacts Sending messages or emails to a contact group On the home screen, touch contact. Seadme mis tahes muudatused või modifitseerimised, mida pole Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd selgesõnaliselt lubanud, võivad tühistada kasutaja õiguse seadme kasutamiseks. Page Achtung: Jegliche Änderungen oder Modifizierungen an diesem Gerät, die von Funkverbindungen verursachen. Mikro-USB port Kuular kaardi pesa Toitenupp Helitugevuse nupp Taking a panorama photo On the home screen, touch Camera. Vad är fel? Der er dog ingen brugerens ret til at betjene udstyret. Quick Links. Calendar Calendar is your personal assistant that helps you manage, arrange, and keep track of all important events in your life. Status bar: displays notifications and icons. Touch an object on the capture screen. Page Transferring Data Using Wi-Fi Direct Network and sharing Touch a device and follow the onscreen instructions to pair your phone with it. Page 80 All statements, information, and recommendations in this guide do not constitute a warranty of any kind, express or implied. Page Switching Between Home Screens Getting started Switching between home screens Running out of space on the home screen? Hoidke tarvikut lastele kättesaamatuna ohutus kohas, et vältida selle juhuslikku alla neelamist või vigastuste tekitamist. Page 39 Enheten er en svak radiosender og -mottaker. Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents English Page 76 Seda seadet võib kasutada kõikides EL-i liikmesriikides.

Page 48 1 laite ei saa aiheuttaa haitallisia häiriöitä ja 2 laitteen on pystyttävä sietämään vastaanotetut häiriöt, mukaan lukien ei-toivottua toimintaa aiheuttavat häiriöt. Tilanilmaisin Äänenvoimakkuus- Kun haluat pakottaa puhelimen uudelleenkäynnistyksen, pidä virtapainike Valoanturi painike painettuna, kunnes puhelin värisee. Page 73 Lisateabe saamiseks pöörduge oma Juriidiline märkus teenusepakkuja poole. Table Of Contents. Touch to return to the previous station. Es kann jedoch nicht garantiert werden, nicht ausdrücklich von Huawei Technologies Co.

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HUAWEI P8 lite Kaufen. Kõik käesolevas kasutusjuhendis toodud pildid ja illustratsioonid, k. On the home screen, touch Dialer. Under All, touch Updater. Touch to expand or collapse the shortcut switches. Huawei Technologies Co. Page 39 Enheten er en svak radiosender og -mottaker. You can quickly enter text using the onscreen keyboard. Page Prvi koraki Za nastavitev telefona sledite navodilom na spodnjih slikah. Geben Sie mindestens zwei Zeichen ein. Touch Configure Wi-Fi hotspot. For details, see Importing contacts from a SIM card. Figyelem: A Huawei Technologies Co. Micro USB port Earpiece Card tray We did away with the application list to give you a more convenient and direct path to your applications. On the home screen, touch Settings then the Page 78 Third-party software and applications services may be interrupted or terminated at any time, and Huawei does not guarantee the availability of any content or service. Touch an area of the photo to change the focus point to that location. Manuals Brands Huawei Manuals Cell Phone P8 lite User manual Huawei P8 lite User Manual. Cell Phone Huawei GR3 Quick Start Manual 37 pages. Please read this guide carefully before you start using the phone. Print page 1 Print document 80 pages. Under All, touch Location access. Not to worry.

Eesmine Telefoni sisse ja välja lülitamiseks hoidke toitenuppu allavajutatuna. Hold enheten i anbefalt avstand fra kroppen. Sertifitseerimisteave SAR Seade vastab ka USA Föderaalse Sidekomisjoni FCC poolt sätestatud raadiolainetega kokkupuute nõuetele. Signal strength No signal Headset plugged in Roaming Airplane mode enabled Bluetooth on Receiving location data Vibration mode enabled from GPS Silence mode enabled Alarms enabled Charging Battery full Battery low Upload from disk.

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Kontaktieren Sie Ihren Rechtliche Hinweise Serviceanbieter für weitere Informationen. Det är möjligt att använda en SIM-kortadapter. Bitte seien Sie bei der Verwendung des SIM-Auswurfstifts vorsichtig, damit Sie Ihre Finger nicht verletzen und Ihr Telefon nicht beschädigen. Auto-rotate screen If you rotate your phone when browsing a web page or viewing a photo, your screen automatically changes between landscape and portrait views. Page Eesti Eesti Telefoni ülevaade Peakomplekti pesa Mikrofon Kuular Enne alustamist heitke pilk oma uuele telefonile. Page 6: First-Class Functions First-class functions First-class functions Safe The Safe function helps you keep your important files and privacy protected. Page Contact Groups Calls and contacts Touch and hold the contact you want to add to your favorites, and then touch Add to favorites. Cancel Delete. Upload from disk. Upload from URL. Frame the QR code with the camera. Page Backup Applications Drag the icon to and follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall application. Huawei Technologies Co. Summary of Contents for Huawei P8 lite Page 1 P8 lite User Guide Page 3 Messaging and email Sending a text message Replying to a message Managing messages Adding a POP3 or IMAP email account Sending an email Checking your emails Setting up an account Camera and Gallery Capture screen Taking a photo Capture mode Shooting a video Video shooting mode Camera settings Page 13 Getting started Touch and hold: Touch and leave your finger on the screen for 2 seconds or more. Set the Wi-Fi hotspot's name, encryption mode, and password. For opdateret information om REACH og overholdelse af RoHS kan du husholdningsaffald. Maud Broddling, Inga kommentarer Älä liitä tai poista SIM-korttia, kun puhelimen virta on päällä. Page Turning On Data Synchronization Using unauthorized third-party software to update your phone may damage your phone or put your personal information at risk. Changing the theme On the home screen, touch Themes.

Shake your phone to arrange your icons. Kõik käesolevas kasutusjuhendis toodud pildid ja illustratsioonid, k. This document is printed with soy ink. Geben Sie mindestens zwei Zeichen ein. Table Of Contents. Under Dialer, touch beside the number you want to add.