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Select language with and press OK to confirm. Do you have a question about the Doro PhoneEasy or do you need help? Sign In OR. Enter your password and press Log in. Before you can send any SMS, you need to save your message centre number. Do not place objects, including fixed or portable radio equipment in the area above the airbag or the area where it might expand. The default phone code is Puhelimen lukitus Valitse Päällä Now what? When connecting to another Bluetooth device you need a shared password. Table Of Contents. Upload from disk. Käytä ainoastaan tämän puhelimen kanssa käytettäviksi tarkoitettuja akkuja, latauslaitteita ja varusteita. Soittaminen toistetaan 3 kertaa tai kunnes puheluun vastataan, tai kunnes painetaan L. Select a contact and press Options. Page Näytön Symbolit Näytön symbolit Signaalinvoimakkuus Vain soittoääni Soittoääni ja värinä Vain värinä Äänetön tila Kuuloke käytössä SIM-kortti puuttuu SIM-korttivirhe Näppäinlukko käytössä Näppäinlukon avaaminen Uusi tekstiviesti Vain hätäpuhelut OK vahvistettu Akun varaus vähissä Soittaa Saapuva puhelu Haetaan Vastaamaton puhelu Näppäinlukko käytössä Akun lataustaso Uusi viesti Verkkovierailu toisen operaattorin verkossa Charging socket Display Paina ja pidä pinaettuna painiketta ja paina Valitse Asetukset Valitse Hälytystapa Valitse haluamasi hälytystapa ja paina Voit palata valmiustilaan painamalla L useasti peräkkäin. Automatic calls to emergency numbers e. Select General and press OK. Page Li-Ion Battery English where you are normally requested to turn off your car engine. Turn off the phone and disconnect the charger before remo- ving the battery cover. Page 3 English Earpiece Page 29 English Use number Displays all phone numbers contained in the message as well as the sender's number. Select a condition and press OK, then select Activate, Deactivate or Query status for each.

Page Calls English Select Display and press OK. Signe Nilsson, Page 6: Installation Warning! Vad är det o hur blir jag av med det? Pair once with the unit.


Cell Phone Doro PhoneEasy gsm Instruction Manual Doro phoneeasy gsm instruction manual 92 pages. Select General and press OK. Page Messages English Messages Tip: Press shortcut key to reach the Messages menu. See Weather, p. Page Call Options English Call options During a call the selection buttons give access to additional functions. After you retrieve e-mail messages, you can view them offline. If Alert type is set to Ring only the phone will not vibrate. Oförsiktig behandling kan leda till att garantin blir ogiltig. Page 9: Get To Know Your Phone English If the phone is turned off when the charger is connected to the phone only the battery charge indicator will be shown on the display. Press Yes to confirm or No to abort. Leif Gullersby, Send Select an option, then press OK: Send by Writing language Press Menu Settings Messages Writing language. Delivery report You can select if you want the phone to notify you when your text mes- sage or picture message has reached the receiver. Restore password. The unit can attract metal objects. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Manual. Puhumisen ja kuuntelemisen välinen vaihto toteutetaan puhuvan ihmisen puheen mukaan. Doro Phone Easy cs. Page Turvatila Turvatila Turvapuhelunäppäintoiminnon asetukset. R econ nec t t he te lephone l i ne cord. Press to return to standby mode.

Don't have an account? Discon ne ct t he t elephone l i ne cord. Page Activation English IMPORTANT! Upload from disk. Page 56 Remote configuration enabled. Page Telefonbok Telefonbok Telefonboken kan lagra 50 poster. Page Ta Emot Sms Ta emot SMS Du kan inaktivera funktionen för att ta emot SMS för att göra det enklare att använda telefonen.

User manual Doro PhoneEasy (72 pages)

Page Asetukset Ota huomioon! Tacksam för hjälp. Storage Picture messages are saved by default in the phone memory. Press Menu Settings Calls Upload from URL. Page Sms SMS-meddelanden Telefonen kan ta emot men inte skicka SMS-meddelanden. Weather settings Press Menu Settings The tuned frequency is displayed. Con- firm with Yes to power off. Taina Välimäki, Select and press Note! Page 49 English Press Menu Settings Connectivity Bluetooth Search device. With higher quality, less pictures or videos can be stored in the internal memory. Insurance: Enter your insurance provider and policy number. Select SMS Reminder and press OK. Manuals Brands Doro Manuals Cell Phone PHONEEASY Manual Doro PHONEEASY Manual. Lithium-Ion Li-Ion. Page Innstillinger Merk! Page Calls English Enter new PIN and press OK. Press Menu Press OK to confirm. Vad betyder DECT? With higher quality, less pictures or videos can be stored in the internal memory. IMEI stands for 'International Mobile Equipment Identity'. Create ICE contact In Case of Emergency With additional information and medical information, first responders can access information from the victim's phone in case of emergency.

Do not save emergency numbers in the list of numbers to be called automatically. Use the compass needle to guide you in a general direction. Connecting other accessories may be dangerous and may invalidate the phone's type approval and guarantee. Aseta SIM-kortti liu'uttamalla se varovaisesti pidikkeeseen. Answer this question Send.

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Alexander, 2 kommentarer Jag har fiber anslutning för telefonen. When an emergency call is activated the phone is pre-set to handsfree mode. Page Alarm English Press Menu More Status. Do not save emergency numbers in the list of numbers to be called automatically. Page Text Input Text input Text is entered by pressing the numerical keys repeatedly to select characters. Page Connectivity English The phone will dial the first number on the list. To save the picture and continue in camera mode select Done. See ICE In Case of Emergencyp. Services This menu may contain pre-programmed services from your network pro- vider depending on network support and subscription. Page Sms-Meldinger SMS-tekstmeldinger Telefonen kan motta men ikke sende SMS-tekstmeldinger. Press Yes to delete or No to return. Vad är laddningsstation för en telefon? Press Clear to delete. Voice mail is a network service and you may need to subscribe to it first. Depending on the market some phones may have a pre-installed memory card. Page 3 English Earpiece Batteries are consumables and are not included in any guarantee. The tuned frequency is displayed. Gar inter att ringa eller ta emot samtal. To download free the most recent version of this software click here. Dato og klokkeslett Stille dato og klokkeslett Trykk og hold inne og hold inne Velg Tid og dato Velg Angi tid Trykk.

Keep all of the equipment out of the reach of small children. Aika ja päivämäärä Kellonajan ja päivämäärän asettaminen Paina ja pidä pinaettuna painiketta ja paina Valitse Aika ja PVM Valitse Aseta aika Paina. Arrow buttons Earpiece Display Page Care And Maintenance As a matter of precaution, we recommend disconnecting the charger during a thunderstorm. To put the current call on hold and answer the incoming call, press Options Answer. Doro PhoneEasy gsm har uppmätts till 0. Page 70 English PIN code not accepted Wrong PIN code Enter the PUK code to change the PIN entered too many code, or contact your service provider.

Doro PHONEEASY 338GSM User Manual

Extra tone You can select to enable warning and error tones to alert you of low bat- tery power, phone and SIM card errors, etc. Select SMS Reminder and press OK. Some product features require sup- port from the network, and you may need to subscribe to them. Upload from URL. Taina Välimäki, Sound Note! The phone can be set to ask for the PIN code on startup. View the Weather for your chosen city. All rights reserved. Settings for key lock options. Inköptes i augusti ! Sort by Select if you want to sort your images by Name or Time. If the SIM card is valid but protected with a PIN code Personal Identification NumberPIN: is displayed. Negligence may void the warranty. Var kan den sättas. We recommend that you check your data rates with your service provider. Emergency Call key enabled. Valitse halua- masi merkki ja syötä se painamalla Siirrä osoitinta tekstissä nuolinäppäimien Painamalla voit vaihdella isojen ja pienten kirjainten ja numer- oiden kesken. Print page 1 Print document 76 pages. Select -New contact- and press Add. Sen jälkeen puhelin soit- taa luettelon ensimmäiseen numeroon. See General, p. Cancel Delete. The settings is supplied by your service provider and can be sent to you automatically via SMS.

Table Of Contents. Enter the name of a city you want to view the weather for. Page Display Status Symbols English Display status symbols Network signal strength strong. Anita Olsson, 2 kommentarer Page 30 English Language The default language for the phone menus, messages etc.