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Page Using Huawei Share To Transfer Files Between Two Huawei Devices Using Huawei Share to transfer files between two Huawei devices Huawei Share provides a quick and easy method to share files between two Huawei devices. Page Accessibility Features Open an item: Double touch any part of the screen using one finger to confirm your selection from the previous step. Open Settings. With the Email application you can read and send emails. Downloading applications A wide selection of applications are available from a variety of sources. Page Accessibility Phone settings Accessibility You can turn accessibility features on or off, such as zoom magnification and large font. The camera will automatically scan the QR code entry. You can use a local backup to copy data to your phone's internal storage or a microSD card. Page Pinning Messages To The Top Of The List Messaging and Email Pinning messages to the top of the list Pin important messages to the top of your message list so that you can access them quickly. Page Key Functions At Your Fingertips 2. Your Talk account is based on the Google account you set up with your mobile phone. Page Appendix Obtaining help Read the Quick Start Guide included with your phone. Exporting contacts to a storage device On the home screen, touch Contacts. Touch Deleting a contact On the home screen, touch Contacts. Touch the reminder time, and then, from the list displayed, touch the length of time before the event when you want to be reminded. Use GPS only: Does not require an Internet connection. Touch to return to the home screen. Page Calendar On the home screen, touch Settings. Touch Groups and select the contact group you want to send a message or email to. LATIN AMERICA. Features 5. From the expanded menu, you can: Touch to return to the previous screen or exit the current application. Use a USB On-The-Go OTG cable to connect your phone to a USB storage device and back up your files. Page Transferring Data Transferring Data Using the Backup application to transfer data Use the Backup application to transfer data from your old phone to your new phone.

It is recommended that you update through your phone's online update feature or download official update packages from Huawei's official website. Open Camera. If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page. On one phone, go to the menu icon and click QR code icon. Page Adding A Contact To Your Favorites Calls and contacts When the two devices are connected, your phone automatically imports the. Swipe: Swipe your fingers on the screen. Enter the phone number to which you want to forward calls, and touch Enable.

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Status bar: displays notifications and icons. Touch to return to the home screen. Page Messaging And Email Messaging and Email Sending a message Spice up your messages by adding emoticons, images, videos, music, recordings and more. Comparison of features, performance, design, battery, camera and connectivity between the following smartphones: Huawei Honor 5A VS Huawei Honor 7 Lite 16GB Android Smartphone with 2GB RAM Launched in May, with 5. Page Backup and Restore Open Settings. Page Configuring Your Fingerprint Id First Use and Initial Setup Disable mobile data when not required in order to save battery power and reduce data usage. Page Tools Point the infra-red sensor on your phone at the sensor on your appliance's remote control. Touch the email you want to read. Then you can switch on or off shortcut switches, or view notification messages. Turn on the flash if you wish to capture the person creating the pattern. Page Answering Or Rejecting A Call 3. Your phone's NFC sensor is located next to the rear camera. When viewing photos in full-screen mode, you can: Zoom in or out: Spread two fingers apart to zoom in, or pinch two fingers together to zoom out. Open Dialler. Merging duplicate contacts When you add contacts to your device from different sources, you may end up with duplicate entries. P8 lite. Page Managing Vip Contacts Messaging and Email Managing VIP contacts Add important contacts to your VIP list. Connect your mobile phone to your PC with the USB cable provided. Open Camera and then swipe left on the screen to access the camera settings. Do not put your mobile phone in a high-temperature place or use it in a place with flammable gas such as a gas station. Photos and videos saved from messages, emails or websites, as well as screenshots. List of safety features Huawei phones come with a series of built-in security measures to keep your data secure. The metering mode affects how your camera determines the exposure. Touch the navigation icon or touch More and then select the desired watermark. Enter your PIN, and touch OK.

To cancel all of your changes, touch Cancel. Open Clock. Page Making A Call From The Call Log Calls and Contacts Touch the contact number. Quick Links. Page 90 Insert the microSD card into your mobile phone and find the.

HUAWEI HONOR USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Download Huawei Honor 8 Firmware [Android 7. Select your country or region: Stay on current site Select another site. On the home screen, touch Settings. Page 47 Tips and Tricks Taking a full screenshot Knock the screen twice with your knuckle to take a screenshot of the whole screen. Your phone will ring only when you receive calls from allowed contacts. Summary of Contents for Huawei Honor 8 Page 1 User Guide Then touch Save. You can now use your fingerprint to access your Safe. Switch Randomly change home screen wallpaper on or off. You can also zoom in or out by adjusting the slider that appears in the viewfinder after you perform the zoom in or zoom out functions with your two fingers. Page Sharing Your Mobile Internet With Other Devices Accessing the Internet Touch WPS PIN connection to generate a PIN, then enter this PIN on the Wi-Fi router. You can move the floating dock around the screen for easy one-hand use. Select a suitable location away from obstructions. Stabilisation cannot be enabled in this mode. If you have saved your contacts' birthdays, Calendar will automatically create birthday reminders. Touch Create contact or scroll through the contact list and touch an existing contact name. Page Tools Open Recorder. Crop an image: Touch to select the crop ratio for example, Disable mobile data when not required so as to save battery power and reduce data usage. Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel. Close an application: Swipe up on a thumbnail to close the corresponding application.

To set the screen lock method, touch Settings on the home screen. Downloading applications A wide selection of applications are available from a variety of sources. The smaller the number is, the bigger this opening is, allowing for more light to pass. For more information, see Creating a contact. If your device has dual SIM support, select SIM 1 notification tone or SIM 2 notification tone. Status icons display information about your phone's status, such as network connection information, signal strength, battery level and time. Lisäksi Honor 8 on kädessä todella miellyttävän tuntuinen pyöreiden linjojensa ansiosta, toisin kun kantikas edeltäjänsä.

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On the other one, tap Scan and scan the code Honor 7 Android smartphone. Touch the screen. Touch Turn on USB storage in the dialog box that opens to confirm that you want to transfer files. Touch Notepad or Calendar to save it as a note or an event. This field shows what particular system chip is used in the phone. Slow motion recording You can record videos in slow motion to enjoy fast moving scenes in detail, such as falling water droplets or dance moves. Page Motion Control Getting started Pinch three fingers together: On the home screen, pinch three fingers together to display screen thumbnails. Announced Jun Increasing the ISO will create a brighter picture, but there will be a noticeable increase in noise. All rights reserved. Page Charging The Battery 2. Touch backup. Go to HiCare to read the user guide, learn more about Huawei services or obtain online help. Touch Add subject to add the message subject. In our Honor 8 review, we explore how this phone. Huawei Honor 8 User Manual Pdf Specifications Huawei Honor 8 looks have yamg Dual Camera combines two 8. Gestures and navigation settings Use simple gestures to control your phone. Page Accessibility Features System Features and Settings Viewing your device's specifications View your device's specifications using a few simple steps. Page Updating The Weather Tools Viewing weather information Open Weather. Touch the name or number of the person that you want to call.

Welcome to HUAWEI. By: Hi, i got Honor 8 a week ago, and it was already showing OS 7 update. On the back, there's a megapixel camera with F2. Camera 12 MP Single camera 8 MP front. On the contact details screen, touch the QR code at the top of the screen to display your personal QR code.

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Open the camera application, and then switch it to camcorder mode. Learn how to setup Honor 9, settings, update, release date, price and everything you need to know new Huawei Honor 9 Honor 8 Lite on Huawein huippusuositun Honor 8 puhelimen edullisempi pikkuveli. Touch to choose the ringtone used for a new instant message. Touch and hold: Touch and hold the target area of the screen for at least 2 seconds. Creating a new contact Creating a contact Open Contacts. Your phone will restart automatically when it has finished updating. Some features in this guide may not be supported by certain devices or carriers. Huawei Mobile - Rolfsbuktveien 4a - Rated 3. Drag it around the area you want to capture and then return to the starting point. Touch to add an image. Page Making A Conference Call Calls and Contacts Making a conference call You can set up a conference call using the multi-party call feature on your phone. On the receiving device, select Accept from the popup dialog to accept the file transfer request. Page Sharing Your Mobile Internet With Other Devices Accessing the Internet Touch WPS PIN connection to generate a PIN, then enter this PIN on the Wi-Fi router. A message will appear in the notification panel if power-intensive apps are running in the background. Page Taking Photos While Recording Video Tips and Tricks Taking photos while recording video Ever wanted to take a photo during a video recording? Texting Your phone comes with multiple text input methods. Netflix-logotypen är ett varumärke som tillhör Netflix, Inc. Page Eye Comfort Mode Screen and Display Raise to ear: Hold the phone to your ear to answer an incoming call. Renaming folders To rename a folder, open it and touch the folder name. Page Viewing Call Records For Individual Contacts Calls and Contacts Viewing call records for individual contacts Open Contacts. Page 40 Screen and Display Changing the screen orientation Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel.

Your personal data may be erased during a system update. Your phone will recognise the contact details and add them automatically. Some features in this guide may not be supported by certain devices or carriers. Select the contacts you want to share, or touch "Select all" to select all contacts, and then touch Choose your sharing method and follow the onscreen instructions. Features 8. Closing background applications when the screen is locked Reduce power consumption by closing background applications when the screen is locked.