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Don't have an account? Your phone will automatically check for updates. Remove all screws securing the motherboard and separate the motherboard from the metal chassis. Your phone will list available Wi-Fi networks. View More. Quick Links. Frame the QR code with the camera. To stop the video playback, touch Touch to lock the screen. Page Turning Your Phone On And Off If your phone does not respond when you press the power button, this indicates that the battery is empty. Under Smart assistance, touch More. Page Calculator Tools Once you have saved a note, follow the onscreen instructions to share or delete it or add it to your favourites. Page Network And Sharing Network and sharing Network and sharing Turning on mobile data On the home screen, touch Settings then All. By: Hi, i got Honor 8 a week ago, and it was already showing OS 7 update. Compare No more than three products. Motion control Motion control lets you control your phone using simple motions. Location applications and services will continually scan for Wi-Fi networks for more accurate positioning. To zoom in, spread your fingers apart. Go to today Event Selected day Today Page Panoramic Shots Camera and Gallery Use a tripod to minimise camera shake and hold your phone in place. Touch Widgets and select a widget. HiSuite mode HiSuite is a file transfer application developed by Huawei that lets you back up, synchronize, and transfer data between your phone and computer. Features 8. Answering a third-party call Before you answer a third-party call, make sure that you have turned on call waiting. Swipe down from the left of the status bar to open to the notifications tab, or swipe down from the right of the status bar to open the shortcuts tab.

I searched it and I know that if I disable th Huawei Honor 9 is the successor of last years Honor 8 which earned our praise, while earlier this year the bigger Honor 8 Pro also impressed Do you have what it takes to compete for a chance to be a part of Team Honor USA?? Turn on the Wi-Fi switch. Page Changing The Theme Getting Started Touch Others to open the application list and view or open applications. Page Controlling Playback Using A Smart Headset Not all headsets are compatible with your phone. For more information, see Finding applications quickly. Your phone will automatically download the country's holiday information. Netflix finns i vissa länder.

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Your phone will automatically conduct a comprehensive scan and optimise your system. Africa Asia Pacific Europe Latin America Middle East North America Global. Page 8: Pro Camera Mode Exciting New Features Touch the subject of the photo to adjust the focal point. Each time you open the app it will sync if the tracker is nearby. Zweeds, Engels, Bulgaars, Deens, Duits, Grieks, Fins, Kroatisch, Hongaars, Noors, Pools, Roemeens, Russisch, Slowaaks, Sloveens. Touch to add the playing song to a playlist. Audio will also be recorded, therefore make sure that you are in a quiet environment. If you want to enable lock screen notifications for more applications, see Managing notification permissions. Setting a local calendar On the home screen, touch Calendar. Closing background applications when the screen is locked Reduce power consumption by closing background applications when the screen is locked. Touch Add a message to your favorites You can add important messages to your favorites to avoid deleting them by Mvh Pernilla. Touch Set Card 1 lock Set Card 2 lock. Slowly move your camera from left to right, ensuring that the arrow stays level with the centre line. To protect your privacy, unlock your phone before recording your screen. Page Pro Camera Mode Camera and Gallery Use a tripod to minimise camera shake. Enter the name or initials of a contact in the dialler for example, Howard Smith or HS. Open Camera. On the home screen, touch Settings then the Installation packages from third-party sources may contain viruses or malicious software and should be installed with caution. SPARE PART PRICE. Touch Local calendar and select the desired calendar. Page 16 Transferring Data By default, backup data is saved to the HuaweiBackup folder in Files. In the Shortcuts tab, turn on the Aeroplane mode switch. Touch for more options.

Table of Contents. After the screen is locked, you will not be able to perform any operations on the video playing interface. Open an application: Touch a thumbnail to open the corresponding application. Do not use your phone before it has finished updating. Open Contacts. Each time you open the app it will sync if the tracker is nearby.

HUAWEI HONOR 8 USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and then touch Huawei AP to turn on the Wi- Fi hotspot. Om Huawei P8 lite. Smart screenshot: Knock twice on the screen using your knuckle to capture the screen in full, or capture part of the screen by using your knuckle to draw a shape on the screen. From the expanded menu, you can: Touch to return to the previous screen or exit the current application. Page Deleting A Group Calls and Contacts Touch to send a message or to send an email. For details, see mode. Page Messaging And Email Messaging and Email Sending a message Spice up your messages by adding emoticons, images, videos, music, recordings and more. Page Forwarding A Message Messaging and email Messaging and email Sending a text message On the home screen, touch Messaging. Photos and videos synced from your computer. Touch the name or number of the person that you want to call. Page Calendar Tools Calendar Calendar helps you to plan your daily schedule. Page Video Settings Camera and Gallery You can choose from a 3 x 3 grid, phi grid or spiral overlay. Page Light Painting Mode Camera and Gallery : Touch to set the metering mode the way in which your camera determines the exposure. For example, mute the phone by turning over your phone or answer and make calls quickly. Page Setting Your Sim Card Pin Settings Drag the floating dock to the desired location. Support App. Page Adding Contact Details Quickly Tips and Tricks After creating a screenshot, touch Share to share it with friends. Deleting a group Open Contacts. Upload from URL. Find out more.

Importing or exporting contacts Your phone supports. Not all camera modes support this feature. Third-party service providers provide content and services through network or transmission tools outside of the control of Huawei. Enter the phone number to which you want to forward calls, and touch Enable. Select the Lock SIM card check box. Features 8.

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This manual is also suitable for: Nova plus. Clearing the call log Open Dialler. Sätt i det lilla SIM-kortet i adaptern och placera sedan adaptern i telefonen. Avoid pointing the camera at car headlights to prevent parts of the image from becoming overexposed. Deleting a group Open Contacts. Page Using The Floating Dock Settings Use one of the following methods to enable or disable aeroplane mode: Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel. BACK Wearables. Turn on the Notification panel switch to access the notification panel when the screen is locked. Turn on the Wi-Fi switch. Detect this device Use QR code scanner. Page 39 Getting Started Opening an application from the home screen On the home screen, touch an icon to open the corresponding application. Huawei Honor 8 Model: FRD-L Features 5. Can't find the problem? Honor 8X käyttöohje suomeksi. Honor 9 käyttöohje suomeksi Check photos and tap Send to transfer pictures to Huawei Honor 8. Lataa PDF-käyttöohje tästä Voit lukea käyttöohjetta Adobe Reader-ohjelmalla avautuu uuteen ikkunaan. Page Adding Photos Or Videos To A New Album Camera and Gallery View photo details Overlay menu Zoom or in out: Spread two fingers apart to zoom in, or pinch two fingers together to zoom out. Contact Us Hotline Support Hotline. Enter your email address and password, and touch Next. Announced Jun Smart screenshot: Knock twice on the screen using your knuckle to capture the screen in full, or capture part of the screen by using your knuckle to draw a shape on the screen.

Adding contact details quickly Use the camera to take a photo of a business card. Touch New note and enter your note's content. Recording will stop automatically when you make or receive a call. Huawei Honor 8 Camera 2. Page Setting Up An Account Settings Setting up an account Adding an account Many applications and online services require you to create an account in order to access the full range of features. Page Sending An Email Touch Your email service provider may place a limit on the size of email attachments. Close Copy to clipboard Close Copy to clipboard.

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Page Camera and Gallery Swipe left to view more editing tools Rotate an image: Touch and swipe the screen to adjust the angle of rotation. Page Legal Notice Huawei Technologies Co. Switching between applications To switch to another application, touch Home to return to the home screen, then touch the icon of the application you want to open. Photos and videos that your friends shared with you. From the expanded menu, you can: Touch to return to the previous screen or exit the current application. Your phone uses a USB-C port. List of the latest comparisons made by the website visitors, which include Huawei Honor 5A LYO-L Page Accessibility Phone settings Accessibility You can turn accessibility features on or off, such as zoom magnification and large font. Under All, touch Location access. See Configuring Perfect Selfie if you are enabling this mode for the first time. Touch the name or number of the person that you want to call. Swipe down from the top of the screen to update the weather manually. Under Card 1 settings Card 2 settings, touch Call forwarding. Stabilisation cannot be enabled in this mode. Touch this icon to restore the default exposure settings. Page Pro Camera Mode Camera and Gallery Use a tripod to minimise camera shake. The second SIM space has a dual function, can be used to put a SIM card or external memory. Touch to configure a callback reminder. Page 78 Third-party software and applications services may be interrupted or terminated at any time, and Huawei does not guarantee the availability of any content or service. Touch to reject the call and send an SMS.

This score is based on our evaluation of 17 sources including reviews from users and the web's most trusted critics Recently after updating to Honor 5 I have been receiving this error whenever I try to use MIC on any app. Page Perfect Selfie Tips and Tricks Press the volume down button twice in quick succession Perfect selfie Enable perfect selfie mode and customise the beauty settings to make sure you shine in group photos. Enter the country or region code, area code, and phone number in sequence. You can select and copy data to a destination folder. Page Tools Point the infra-red sensor on your phone at the sensor on your appliance's remote control. Configuring your fingerprint ID Use the fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen, access the Safe and App Lock and authorise payments in third-party applications.