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Page 14 Press to save and return. Confirm with Tap Gallery. Carita Lehtonen, 2 kommentarer 7. Please dispose of any battery in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. MarieLouise, 1 kommentar 5. Page Remote Control 0. Page Bluetooth English This telephone is hearing aid compatible. Contact your service provider for data roaming rates before you use data roaming. Answering Machines Please note when set to answer after 2 rings this product may block CID information when used in conjunction with certain distinctive ring signals FaxAbility. Hur installerar jag den igen. Page Emergency Calls English WARNING Excessive exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing damage. A contact. Page Alarm English Select to scan channels and press to play. Upload from disk. What that means is that the smartphone can connect to the Internet anytime it is in range of your operators mobile network. Rose-Marie Hagman Härdig, Inga kommentarer 0. You can also enable flight mode from the quick settings in the notification panel. Page 15 Select Themes to change the appearance of the screen. Tip: To reduce costs, select Wi-Fi only. Drag the slider to adjust the volume or press the minus or plus icon. Gäller Doro Liberto Mini. Page Listen English New applications to view your apps and add new ones, see Doro Se- lection, p. Insert the memory card IMPORTANT!

When you take your phone abroad, you can keep it in flight mode. Some features are network services and you may need to subscribe to them first. Upload from URL. A contact to make a call from your contact book. Carita Lehtonen, 2 kommentarer 7. Page 4 English Import contacts

DORO LIBERTO MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Tip: You can also use My Doro Manager to handle your contacts using any web browser, go to www. Press to the desired setting: until fl ashes in the display. Page Call Log English Add call During a call, press and select. Page Web Browser English Drag and drop content between phone and a computer Connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable. Tip: To get sharp photos, wipe the lens clean with a dry cloth. Page 40 English When done, select Validate. Om Doro Liberto Page Send English My location to go to Google maps and find your location, search for addresses, find your way and more. Page 46 English Select Add contact. Page Step 5- Turn On The Phone English Step 5— Turn on the phone Note! Hur flyttar jag över bilderna till min dator? For more information contact your service provider. To install applications, see Doro Selection, p. Det är möjligt att använda en SIM-kortadapter. Many icons that you see on- screen are actually buttons on the touchscreen. When done, select Save. Enter the PIN code for this model. Hur raderar jag kontakter? Page My Ringtone English From the Home screen, tap An audio option The volume. Page Vehicles English Vehicles Radio signals can affect electronic systems in motor vehicles for example, electronic fuel injection, ABS brakes, automatic cruise control, air bag systems that have been in- correctly installed or are inadequately protected. Cell Phone Doro Liberto Mini Manual 68 pages. The supplied accessories provide the best performance with your phone. GPS uses satellite signals to calculate your location and gives a more exact position but requires a clear view of the sky. Page Free Up Memory Space English memory cards with this device.

Page 5 English FM Radio When turning on your phone, the installed applications may need to be updated. Record From the Home screen, select Menu Recorder. Some product features require support from the network, and you may need to subscribe to them. Tip: You can use the shortcut Add new applications. Page Install Applications English Some applications need to be purchased. Your OGM will be repeated after a few seconds.

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Cancel Delete. Upload from disk. Page Personal Message - Memo Menu system. Se manualen för Doro Liberto mini helt gratis här nedan. Select a text field to open the on-screen keyboard. Depending on how you use your phone, it can use up a lot of Internet bandwidth really quickly. Page Australia And New Zealand As a matter of precaution, we recommend disconnecting the telephone during a thunderstorm. Page Calculator English Calculator From the Home screen, select Menu Calculator. Page Use The Phone Keys Note! The Display Indicator R only: R only: R only: www. Wireless networks gives an approximate location but is faster. Page Capture A Screenshot Connect to the Internet Your smartphone Doro is just like any other mobile phone - you can make calls and send texts. Page Ice In Case Of Emergency How to use Remote help Let somebody you trust manage your phone remotely, for example, this can be requested when you contact Doro support. Use a DORO original battery only. You can obtain additional accessories from your local Doro deal- er. Please also note that all network traffic will be switched off, so no incoming or outgoing calls or messages are allowed. Select the button to stop recording. To view the documents, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Use v and V to set minutes and seconds. A click will be heard when the modular plug is correctly connected. Power button and tap to select in the options menu. A contact.

Do not keep credit cards or other magnetic media near the unit. Page Home Screen English Home screen The Home screen is your start screen on your Doroand here you can collect the apps and your favourite contacts that you use most often. Restore password. AUSTRALIA DORO Australia Pty Ltd PO Box Baulkham Hills BC NSW Australia Select and confirm. WARNING Excessive exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing damage.

DORO LIBERTO USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Torch Turn on the lamp View My tools In the dark. Annica Nilsson, Inga kommentarer 0. Hur raderar jag kontakter som inte är aktuella längre? When done, select Save. Select End call to end. Page My Doro Manager English The Doro user then has to Accept the Care service offer on their phone. Account settings shows your personal settings. Some applications need Internet access. If desired, tap I want to to access more options. Page 11 2. You can easily turn on and off Mobile data from the quick settings in the notification panel. Lars Bandelin, Press to stop video recording. Tap to read an mail. Tip: From the Home screen, select Phone Voice mail to call your voice mail. High security. Relaterade produktmanualer. Both the Doro user and the helper can now access additional features via the services tab and the user profiles. The supplied accessories provide the best performance with your phone. Page Multiple Handsets 3.

Sätt i det lilla SIM-kortet i adaptern och placera sedan adaptern i telefonen. Page Status And Notifications Bar English Status and notifications bar The status bar, located at the top of your screen, shows signal strength, ongoing and new applications as well as battery status. Select Change theme and swipe the screen horizontally to see the avail- able themes. Select Security. Page Call Log English Add call During a call, press and select.

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Se manualen för Doro Liberto helt gratis här nedan. Page 7: The Display Also ensure the base unit is not exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat, damp or high humidity locations. Page Hearing Aid Compatibility Doro does not provide a warranty for or take any responsibility for the functionality, con- tent, or end-user support of third-party apps provided with your device. Tar ej emot laddning som tidigare? Page Calls English Tip: All downloaded applications can be found in My apps. Contact your service provider for detailed subscrip- tion costs before activating. Answer the call by pressing been answered press If you decide not to transfer the call, press external caller. A shortcut can be a fast track to a contact or an application. To add more contacts, repeat from step 1. Vad är ett IMEI-nummer? Press to the desired setting. The supplied accessories provide the best performance with your phone. Page 9: Turn The Phone On And Off English When the battery is running low, is displayed and a warning signal is heard. Page 6: Battery When the telephone is installed for the fi rst time, the battery must be charged for 24 hours before using the telephone. CAUTION Do not use GPS functionality in a manner which causes distraction from driving. Turn on the radio Connect a headset to the headset socket. Page 11 2. Page Flight Mode English your network operator has an agreement that allows you to do so. Quick Links. Scroll to select a contact, write a number or a name in the search field to search your contacts or tap to enter a new recipient. Sign up! Page Navigate Your Phone Navigate your phone Select on-screen actions Doro's unique telephone menu is action-based and allows you to navigate your phone, by just asking yourself, What do I want to do?

Select the button to start recording. The available options may vary depending on the shooting mode and which camera is being used. You can: - Use register up to 4 handsets with the same base unit. Press to the desired setting: until fl ashes in the display. Email Set up email account When opening email the first time you are prompted to set up an email During a reset Google's anti-theft mechanism requires you to enter the Google account your phone last logged in to on the startup navigation screen for identity authentication. Page 8: Charge The Phone English Insert the battery Charge the phone CAUTION Only use batteries, chargers and accessories that have been approved for use with this particular model.