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I just sold van and in two days the new owner says the bolier is running with orange and green light and fans running but no heat. Hi Nils — glad you found the info useful! Very much appreciated. The system produces heat and hot water but obviously not safe to use as it is. If you can measure the coil resistance of the solenoids you can check they are not open or short circuit Should be a few ohms resistance across the coil, as a guess. February 21, at pm. What are the symptoms or the issue you are having with your C? If it did can you give me a number for it any info would be good Reply. Mine is doing about the same and left us pretty cold in minus7 last week. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Trumatic SL Gas Heater. Dan Post author September 21, at pm. November 14, at am. In our Hymer B the boiler is located underneath the wardrobe, emptying the wardrobe and lifting up the base allows you to see the unit as installed Hi Kimberley, if the gas sounds like it is igniting reliably each time but the boiler still goes into lockout it may be as issue with the flame sense rather than the ignitor — was the flame sense electrode replaced at the same time as the ignitor electrodes? July 7, at am. If it did can you give me a number for it any info would be good. Thankyou again Dan for this blog, This helped me so much and saved me money. Jaykay October 16, at am. Installation instructions. You can now also see the electric ignitor unit small blue box clipped to the right hand mounting leg under the boiler. Page 18 Montaggio dei per es.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Dan Post author December 6, at pm. First of all, huge thanks for the detailed article. July 7, at pm. Vancsa Levente November 4, at pm. I never had to change the airflow PCB or the thermostat all were reading fine. But before I put the whole unit back again I have taken out the gas valve and removed the solenoids.

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Thanks Dan, OK. Our hob was working fine and the battery was reading March 31, at pm. Dan Post author March 4, at am. Technical Articles Hymer Motor Home Technical Truma Winter. November 10, at pm. Hi Graham — due to the way the system works it is not possible for the boiler to provide room heat without also heating the water the water jacket surrounds the heat exchanger used to provide room heat. I noticed one of the clamps securing the exhaust duct was not the correct type so I have replaced that. In boiler position it works. Home Brands Trumatic Manuals Gas Heater Trumatic SL Dan Post author November 28, at pm. It is possible there is a temperature sensor somewhere in your boiler that is not detecting the increase in temp it expects? February 28, at pm. Bob preston July 21, at pm. Honeywell HZ Series Important Safety Instructions Manual Important safety instructions manual 10 pages. Marcus Tompkins July 29, at am. In an emergency you could probably power the fan directly as this will take heat out of the system and when the water drops below the set temperature the boiler should fire itself back up to heat the water — not as well controlled as when it is working properly but at least you would get hot water and some room heating!. Apart from these 2 electromagnets I tested all the components working, and yet the fan for the intake air the combustion chamber starts and stops instantly. I reset the system turned it off and on again! Print page 1 Print document 34 pages.

Let me know how you get on, Cheers, Dan. Looks like it most likely came from the side connected to the boat. TIA Reply. Hi Danthe cig to cig jump pack you linked to……does it workhave you tried it? On looking through my paperwork I surprisingly discovered that my van, although second hand is still under warranty from the seller. It may me worth getting some leak detector spray that you spray onto any gas unions and look for bubbles, though many of the unions are difficult to access. So now I switch it to heating and hot water.


Patrick March 31, at pm. It may be a low battery alarm batteries drained after long lay-upwhat state were the batteries in when you had the alarm? Hi Matthew. February 27, at pm. Hot water is fine and the usual fan, solenoid etc can be heard and it fires up ok. However assuming that the gas is present, I suppose the next logical step is to check that the piezo I can hear clicking is actually producing a spark in the right place. Hopefully someone else will be able to comment with their ideas also! I have a Hymer Starline with a c Truma. Dru G25 Installation Manual Installation manual 36 pages. Page 18 Montaggio dei per es. Hi Dan, It turned out to be the combustion fan! Regards Nils. Really well explained Dan. It sounds very much like controller is not detecting the flame which is more than likely the flame sense electrode, but could always be a problem with the PCB controller not reading the signal from the flame sense electrode properly. When he stripped it down to investigate he found the ceramic holder of one of the electrodes had broken, allowing the electrode to move around inside the boiler. Gordon June 10, at pm. There could also be a blockage in the gas jet inside the boiler, you could remove the solenoid unit from the boiler but leave it connected to the gas supply line and electrical wiring I think there is enough play in the wiring to do this — you can then try the startup sequence again and see if you get gas out of the end of the gas jet when the solenoid operates? Hi Dan, There are two separate cases here. September 17, at pm. Dan Just to give you an update.

All was well until today we have no heating but hot water. September 24, at am. Dan Post author June 1, at pm. Hello DAN, My trumatic C have problem. I will probably replace the gas valve.


Is the water coming out through the floor directly underneath the boiler? With the thermostat turned right down the boiler fires up ok to heat the hot water and the fan is running, when I turn the thermostat up to bring on the heating I hear the louder fan kick in and run but then the boiler starts to try to ignite. Kero-Sun KPMC Instruction Manual Instruction manual 12 pages. I disconnected it to check for excessive soot etc. Any good trouble shooter around? The probe on its own is the flame sensor — the boiler uses this to know if the gas has successfully lit or not, or to tell if the flame has gone out during operation. There IS gas getting to the input side of the solenoid valve, but I can only pull the assembly a few millimetres away from the boiler so I am reluctant to fire it up in a disconnected position in case something nasty happens. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Truma trumatic c Gas Heater. If it goes to lockout, I just need to turn the controller off and on, and usually it works. Let us know how you get on with the investigation………… Cheers, Dan Reply. William October 11, at pm. Design Dynamics VFN-PDG Owner's Operation And Installation Manual Owner's operation and installation manual 32 pages. Kim Walker December 1, at pm. Trumatic SL Related Products Clarke DEVIL Empire RHC-1 Nortek Reznor UDSA-4E Series Solaronics SSTG Empire Comfort Systems VFSR Waterford EMERALD ELP1 Steffes Firewerks MVO18VNA Hi Delta A Pakole ZENIT I have disconnected the lead and checked with a multimeter. Thanks for the feedback — hope you get your unit sorted! February 15, at pm. Vancsa Levente November 4, at pm. November 3, at pm. November 4, at am. Hi Graham — interesting that it locked out last time? If I turn to 5 degree it working, after some time I turning to 10 if works. January 1, at am.

I assumed a faulty solenoid vale and fitted a new one. Hi Dan, Thanks for documenting the strip down of the Truma. Dan Post author September 24, at am. S Reply. Assuming your water pump is working OK if the frost valve is open you will normally see water coming out underneath your van when you try to draw hot water. The red hose is the main hot water outlet from the boiler, so when you are filling the boiler the water will flow through the red hose once the air is purged.

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Page 19 Come terminazione al 6,3 mm. I took my faulty one apart and found that the element was OK and just a Thermal Fuselink had blown. Can you help with this please. Hope this helps, let us know how you get on and I hope the skiing goes well! December 6, at am. Roy Stokes January 10, at am. Much appreciated. If it is flowing out of the clear hose it suggests the vent valve has failed this is an over-pressure vent, from memory. It does not seem to lift but turns to open and close. How can it shed water over the pipe, when it has no overhang? November 3, at pm. Don't have an account? October 16, at pm. Tomorrow i will use the valve to empty the boiler the bottom so the deposits of scale will hopefully pour out that way and not clog upp something ells. October 15, at am. Any ideas what to do here? When I had a problem with the boiler not lighting but not going into lockout there was no gas flowing, but your issue may be different. HeatStar HSVFR10LPT Operating Instructions And Owner's Manual Operating instructions and owner's manual 16 pages. Kim Walker December 1, at pm. Perhaps this one blew off too and bits got lost? July 29, at am. Thanks for replying Dan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. November 24, at pm.

Dan Just to give you an update. If the gas solenoids click but there is no ignition then it is probably a faulty solenoid resulting in no gas to the burner. John February 21, at pm. Finally surrounding these heat exchanger fins is a 12 litre water jacket, and heat energy from the combustion chamber not extracted by the blown air heating ends up in this jacket, heating the hot water. Roy Stokes January 10, at am.